RECAPO Solar Systems has been established as the leading supplier of affordable, renewable and clean energy solutions for rural and peri-urban households. The company has received support and commendations from various organizations including World Bank Institute on Climate Change, US African Development Foundation, Ministry of Energy and Mining, Cancer Association of Malawi among others for its product and its business model; a Pay-As-You-Go electricity solution.

We value our customers dearly,and we have established a strong team of installers and customer support in Lilongwe and Blantyre that provide quick response to customer inquiries and problems. RECAPO is the proud winner of 2015 SEED Awards hosted by UNEP, UNDP, IUCN. In 2016; RECAPO was named one of the Top 50 Most Significant and Sustainable businesses in Africa by the African Entrepreneurship Award

RECAPO has developed and produces the Mtsilira Solar Irrigation System for smallholder farmers. The system is assembled and supported in Malawi, enables smallholder farmers to buy into an irrigation system and create gainful employment throughout the year. RECAPO is a proud partner of Azuri for supply of Solar Home Systems; designed and developed in UK, winner of many global awards including Sustania, World Economic Forum and others and has been hugely successful in Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Rwanda and Zambia.

​Our management team includes skilled professionals in community organization, finance, engineering, marketing and environmental management.


A lease to buy model; we install the system on a household following payment of a one-time installation fee. Clients continue to make lease payments by buying activation cards at various outlets or via Airtel money. The system is activated for periods of 7 days each time they buy a scratch card and input the activation code. After 80 activations; the system is fully paid for and the client owns the unit for continued use or upgrade to a larger system.

85% of people in Malawi live in rural communities, subsist on smallholder farming, lack access to electricity and rely on flame based sources of lighting like kerosene lamps, candles and burning wood. These forms of energy sources are responsible for many illnesses including respiratory diseases, lung cancers, and accidental fires and produce less light. Our solar home systems replace these unhealthy and dangerous forms of lighting with clean, safe, renewable electricity. Most households can not afford the high upfront cost of a solar home system, our Pay-Go model has made these technologies accessible even to the most rural villager in Malawi. RECAPO's irrigation systems are enabling smallholder farmers stay engaged in production for most of the year, resulting in higher yields per acreage of land and increasing household incomes.  


​There is clear evidence that enabling irrigation farming and replacing the dangerous flame based sources of lighting provides following advantages:

1- enables higher employment rates and production from the fields
2- households save at least MK2,350.00 every month, more cash flow for home use
3- increases study and work time at night leading to better education outcomes for children
4- reduces risk of accidental fires
5- improves health outcomes by eliminating excessive exposure to toxic emissions from kerosene, candles, and other burning biomass
6- generally improve people’s livelihood, feeling of achievement and sophisticated lifestyle

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